Save Money By Buying In Peak Season

There are two awesome ways to save a lot of money on fruits and veggies when storing food for the long term.


Buy veggies while they are in peak season

Fruits and veggies can be found with almost 50% lower prices while in peak season.

Focus on freeze drying your in season fruits and vegetables to save money.  You may also consider using some of your stored out of season foods each year to avoid buying at peak prices.


Buy frozen fruits and veggies

Frozen produce can be 1/2 the price of fresh produce. Check the freezer isles at Costco, Sam's Club, or your local bulk food store for frozen fruits and veggies. These bags can often be loaded right into a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Tray, and be careful to spread the contents out evenly so that the tray is 1/2 inch full throughout.

It is recommended that you pre-freeze your freeze dryer when you load pre-frozen foods into the trays.  Pre-freezing food in a 0°F freezer gets the freezing cycle off to a great start.

We've put together these two simple charts to show which fruits and veggies are generally in season.  This charts are only useful inside the U.S.  There may be differences depending on your geographical location.

Peak Seasons for Vegetables

Peak Seasons for Fruit


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